Girls Prefer Apartments with Pool Rather than with BBQ in Jersey City

Why do girls prefer a pool instead of a BBQ in luxury apartments Jersey City NJ?


First, the BBQs in Jersey City luxury apartments for rent… BBQs represent cooking chores and girls have to do enough of that as it is. A BBQ is just an outside cooking device with big flames. BBQs are messy, hot, smoky and not fun to clean up at all. It’s not like you can turn on the auto-clean button on your gourmet kitchen’s stove and come back a few hours later and the stove is clean. Nope, not with a BBQ.

You have to scrub it and that burnt charcoal stuff on the grill gets all over the place. Now, girls don’t mind eating, of course. However, we would much rather be served our food by a man that prepared it on the BBQ rather than have to go to the grocery store, pick it out, stand in line to pay for it, tote it to those luxury rentals in Jersey City, prep the food, cook it and then have to clean it up.

Now a swimming pool is all about relaxation time. No stress, no laundry, no toilet to clean, and possible escape time. What could be better than floating around on a flotation chair with a cocktail with an umbrella in it while basking in the sun’s glow? Need some exercise time? There you go, take a dive and swim some laps back and forth.

Poolside is the perfect place to work on your tan and many rentals in Jersey City have swimming pools on their roof decks. And because New Jersey is a seasonal state, girls can even find indoor swimming pools usually attached to state-of-the-art fitness centers in luxury rentals in Jersey City. 

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Yes, girls prefer the fun of swimming pools over the dread of cleaning a BBQ!