Does the Amityville horror movie influence you when you search for homes for rent in Long Island NY?

If you’re a horror movie lover, you’ve probably heard about what happened in Amityville in 1974, when Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot six members of his family.

After that tragic night, paranormal events began to happen, turning that house in Amityville into a main attraction. Hollywood producers and curious people visited the area to see if they could experience “encounters” with ghosts.

The truth is that this horrible event led to the creation of several movies over the years and, sadly, interfered with the tranquility this neighborhood used to enjoy several years ago.

If you are planning to find homes for rent in Long Island New York, more precisely in Amityville, you now know the story.

Even though many people aren’t concerned about this past event, real estate in Long Island NY has experienced issues in finding people willing to move to this place, especially if the new residence is located near this “haunted house.”

Many people find this tragic story to be thrilling. Books were written, movies were shot, but almost no one dares to live in this house.

Although the film version still exists and the house features in the novel, the address changed in order to discourage tourists who were eager to visit it.

In May 2010, this house was put on the market for $1.15 million and sold four months later for $950,000.

Still, there is much to appreciate in this area, and Suffolk County apartments for rent are really worth seeing.

The area is absolutely beautiful and includes plenty of places to visit and enjoy with your family.

Homes for rent in Long Island are good options if you’re searching for green areas near NYC. So dare to move to a beautiful place, despite this tragic event, and change your life for good in an amazing place.